Hospitality and Visitor Experience Coordinator

Battle Harbour Historic Trust Inc
Job Description
Located on an island off the south coast of Labrador, Battle Harbour is fast becoming the bucket list destination of
travelers. We provide accommodations, meals, tours, entertainment, and deeply authentic experiences to our guests.
Our work environment pairs a strong commitment to excellent service and authentic experiences through every aspect
of the visitor journey. We are looking for a hard working, friendly, team player with excitement and dedication in serving
our guests. Satisfying our guests depends on the united efforts of all of our staff, which you will be a key player. We are
most effective when we work together cooperatively,
The successful applicant will support Battle Harbour’s Executive Director to provide exceptional guest experiences,
understanding that each guest coming to Battle Harbour is on their own personal journey and expectations will vary
greatly between them. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Hospitality and Visitor Experience Coordinator will
ensure Battle Harbour employees are prepared for these specifics and can deliver on guests’ needs and wishes.
Duties include but are not limited to:
 Update, expand and develop programs to enhance all guest experiences, and revenue for Battle Harbour.
 Advise on menus, wine and spirits, craft and gift supplies, and food service experiences that meet and exceed
guests’ expectations & requirements.
 Plan, develop, support and guide unique Battle Harbour experiences/itineraries, including for guests arriving on
personal boats, float planes and helicopter.
 Demonstrate high levels of energy and enthusiasm at all times.
 Ensure all employees provide friendly personal and excellent service that exceed expectations.
 Make sure every aspect of the guest’s experience is exceptional.
 Meeting guests upon arrival and departure including a welcome orientation to include sustainability initiatives,
safety tour of the facilities, outlines of daily activities, water usage, WIFI, etc.
 Utilize the Loft (our common area/bar) as a primary base of operations, act as host in this area and serve
alcohol and speciality coffees.
 Coordinate or guide daily activities for guests or schedule proper guides for each tour and activity.
 Ensure there is always a minimum of staff available to be with guests with a knowledge of local history and
culture and skills required for wildlife and/or cultural interaction.
 Ensure Battle Harbour activities, including any materials for activities, are scheduled for various experiences
e.g., crafts, storytelling, hiking and nature walks, painting, photography, etc.
 Sell optional tours and take guests payment for these tours and retail.
 Logging guest survey information and communicating to Executive Director
 Asking guests to write online reviews, share photos, and follow our social media platforms,
 Ensuring all guest files are up to date, addressing outstanding balances before departure, guest
concerns/complaints are noted and addressed promptly.
 Develop and implement written standards for the guest experience at Battle Harbour. Access opinions and
knowledge from the Executive Director and the Sales & Marketing committee in completion of these standards.
 Past work experience could include: tour operator, resort concierge, recreational director, interpreter, tourism
If you are looking for a long-term career we have opportunities after your first season, based on performance.
Pay will be discussed upon application. In addition to hourly wages, the position also includes a share of gratuities at
the end of the season.
Accommodations provided at Battle Harbour
Term: May 1 to September 29, 2023.
Apply before March 31. Please send resume and cover letter to information@battleharbour.com
Please direct questions to the same email address. Bilingualism would be considered an asset for this position.
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